A more flexible future

This year, perhaps more than ever, businesses all over the UK have become reliant on a more flexible workforce.

For many of these businesses, it's been a real culture shock. Managing a flexible workforce is a skill in itself - and of course it is important to define the boundaries between work and home life, for your employees and for yourself.

Here at redwigwam, flexibility is at the core of our community - and we are very lucky to work with businesses in many sectors all over the UK, who all have the same ethos. A flexible workforce at their heart.

We recently caught up with some of them about the benefits of flexibility - and what a more flexible future looks like.

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What does a flexible future look like for your brand? 

"Now that you’ve let the cat out of the bag, I don’t think you’re going to be able to put it back in.
I think that flexibility is going to remain – and that it needs to remain.

I think it’s going to help bring people that greater work-life balance.”

Nina Wyers, Brand & Marketing Director, The Floorbrite Group

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