Finding quality staff at speed: Exsellence

One of the fastest growing field sales & marketing agencies in the country, Liverpool based Exsellence is a dynamic award-winning agency with the passion and creativity you'd expect from a start-up business.

We recently chatted to Rhys Morgan, Commercial Director, about how redwigwam are helping support them by supplying quality, flexible and reliable staff at speed - allowing the business continuity and supporting their rapid growth. 

Rhys was passionate about the importance of quality staff - and knowing the person they have booked is going to turn up and do the job - and how speed and flexibility is essential. 

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Can we help support you with quality, flexibile staff? 

“The rating system allows us to chose the quality person we need for the very specific job we need them to do. You just look. There's the person. Yes, They're good for the role."

Rhys Morgan, Commercial Director, Exsellence

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