Elena Sofonova

A wigwammer adapts...

Elena, 23, from London lost her job as Covid-19 sent unemployment shockwaves through the events industry. Knowing she wanted flexibility, Elena joined our redwigwam community to find a new way to work and earn, allowing her to take time to study and prepare for a post-pandemic workplace. 


I was significantly impacted by COVID-19. Working in the events industry, which has been hugely impacted by the pandemic, I suddenly had no opportunity for work.

Before the pandemic struck, there were many events planned but all of them were cancelled. 

I’ve tried to maintain an optimistic attitude but it has been tough coping with the considerable difficulties. I have had to make changes quickly in order to have a chance of a livelihood. 

In my previous job in the events industry I had a flexible schedule and was used to collaborating with different agencies in the field. I found redwigwam while searching for work on the internet and liked the fact that the company champions flexible working.

My first job as a wigwammer was in March 2020 for the supermarket chain Morrisons, where I took on work in two of their stores. My job was to pick the goods from the shelves according to the list with the ordered products and to pack them ready for delivery. I enjoy shopping, so the job itself was a pleasure. 

As more and more people were starting to order home deliveries, it was a very busy time. It was a great initiative to solicit more people for this type of job as there were many orders. Everyone worked promptly so all the orders were fulfilled on time. 

"How has redwigwam helped me during the pandemic?
redwigwam is a professional and reliable agency and being
part of their big team of people is something special". 

I have seen first-hand how there are constant opportunities for work available on the portal. As a person looking for work during these difficult times, this speaks about how dedicated and capable the agency is to provide work in the field. 

I especially appreciate the support received from the agency during these difficult times. redwigwam show that they care about their workers. 

The world of work has changed for ever. I’ve brushed up on my professional skills and focused on my studies over the last few months. With redwigwam’s help I feel able to adapt to the future of work and to face the challenges ahead.



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