Business News Round Up (25/09/20)


As we enter the second wave of the pandemic, we're all facing more changes to all aspects of our lives. From pubs shutting at 10pm to the 'rule of six', it's been a busy week.

Here's our round up of all the stories that mattered from the last seven days. 

Changing work: Nina Wyers

Last week, our CEO Lorna Davidson interviewed Nina Wyers of The Floorbrite Group about some of the challenges they've faced over the last six months - and the highlights (and pitfalls) of working in a family-run business. 

Watch the interview...

Flexible working: What the people want...

Obviously this article from Wired is music to our ears - with flexible working now being offered to office workers all over the UK.

BUT (and there is a but!) It's important to remember that flexible working goes way beyond working from home. It's about working when, and where you want. 


New emergency job scheme unveiled

The government and firms will continue to top up the wages of workers who are still unable to return to work due to the pandemic. The aim is to stop millions of job cuts , but being realistic for businesses which are no longer sustainable. 

Our CEO Lorna Davidson said:

"It's good we are seeing further support but it will have a huge impact on workers who will work 1/3 of their time and potentially lose 33% of their income. Will they be allowed to take other jobs to cover the loss?  I'm guesing so, and that makes flexible working even more important.  

The VAT extension for hospitality and tourism businesses is great, but might it be too late for many businesses?"


Is the office finished? 

Interesting read from The Economist about the fight over the future of the workplace, explaing the debate between office based and flexible working. Is the answer somewhere in the middle? Or does it really not matter where you are working from?


Christmas lockdown for students?

Matt Hancock has refused to rule out a Christmas lockdown for students, as 120 students at Glasgow universty tested positive for COVID-19. Worrying times ahead for parents and students alike. 



Flexible working is for Dads too...

Love to see Dad's mentioned in the flexible working space for a change. Surely it's better to allow flexibilty than force anyone to fake illness to aid their childcare. 



Need staff at short notice? 

Find out how tapping into our UK-wide flexible working community can help your business adapt in these uncertain times.  

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