Five key takeaways from our Hospitality Event

Last week, our CEO Lorna Davidson took part in a webinar event, Changing work for Good: Hospitality Spotlight.

Thank you to everyone who attended, we had a great turnout of engaged audience members. 

Lorna and Debbie Black (CEO/Founder DGB Solicitors) conversed about how the hospitality industry has been changing throughout COVID and potential best practices to succeed in the new world of work. 

At a time when there are so many challenges for the hospitality industry, we thought we would share the top five takeaways from the event:


1. Staff Confidence

Staff confidence in todays climate is vital.

In a recent redwigwam survey, 38% of our wigwammers said they have concerns about returning to work. Each workplace should now look and feel substantially different for workers.

Social distancing and enhanced hygene are clear ways to make your workers comfortable in returning to work.

Training will be essential to building a common understanding of requirements within the new working norm and instilling confidence that changes made will contribute to a safe working environment. 


2. COVID has accelerated the need for flexibility.

Within the hospitality industry, we understand that there will likely be peaks and troughs in demand over the coming months and being able to meet this demand is important.

Flexible workforces will allow businesses to have the correct staff availble dependent on demand.

Through being able to offer shifts to workers when needed, redwigwam will be able to help deliver this flexibility which will be required in the new hospitality world. 


3. Your workforce must understand your culture and your business values.

Front line interaction is imperitive within hospitality and making sure your workforce understand the values and culture of your business can help ensure your staff present themselves to customers the way you would expect. 


4. There is opportunity for people who are willing to do things differently.

As both the economy and world of work has changed forever, there is a new world of work emerging within hospitality, paving the way for a huge opportunity to own this new space. 


5. Be proactive with new technology.

Understand what your customers want and the journey you want to take them on.

Often when businesses find new ways of working, they become complacent without looking at potential future technologies and ways of thinking.

It's always worth thinking about the user journey your customers  move through, and whether the technology you are using helps to achieve that. 


Thank you again to those who atteneded and we hope you enjoyed our webinar and found it both informative and useful.

If you would like to watch the full event, click here.


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