Enabling business continuity: easyStorage, Manchester

easyStorage, part of the easyJet group, are an emerging storage company in the UK. Unlike the majority of storage companies, easyStorage will come to your home or business to collect your items - effectively bringing the storage room to you.

We recently spoke to Graham Howard, Franchisee and Director for easyStorage, Manchester about the impact of Covid-19, the benefits of using redwigwam as a new start-up, and why moving toward a flexible workforce can ensure they have an additional layer of safety in extremely uncertain times. 

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Christmas this year is anything but normal. For many it will be about survival and the ability to adapt quickly very uncertain times.  

We believe great businesses like yours can thrive and find new opportunities with the right kind of support.

We want to help you plan to get through this, and for better times ahead....

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"The service is excellent, they're happy to spend time with you and give you assistance all the way" 

Graham Howard, Franchisee and Director, easyStorage, Manchester

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