Weekly news round up (21/08/2020)


There has been much talk in the news this week about economic downturn and the easing of lockdown to attempt to kickstart the economy. It's an unprecedented situation - here's round up some of the stories we've been reading.


A new study by the REC shows the economic recovery is directing workers towards temporary roles. A short-term fix? Or the long-term recruitment solution for allowing people more workplace freedom?



As the demand for temp roles increases, workers ask questions about the benefits an employer can offer in the flexible working space.



Post COVID, could we see offices completely disappear? Are we on the edge of the biggest tip in working culture since the five-day working week?



The future is flexible...

Our CEO Lorna spent time interviewing Laura Pye. CEO of National Museums Liverpool. They had a really interesting chat - we wanted to share this short video, in which Laura chats about flexible working at NML and what the future looks like for them. 

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