Taking back control: Burton's Biscuits

Burton's Biscuit Company, home to Maryland Cookies and Jammie Dodgers, traces its history back to the mid-1800's.

But the forward-thinking company is anything but stuck in its past, using flexible, temporary workers (via redwigwam) to boost their workforce, flexing their team up and down as demand dictates.  

We recently chatted to Wills Jennings, Sales Controller, about how a flexible workforce is giving them back control and why the pace of our tech platform is crucial for businesses looking for a solution they can utilise quickly. 


lWhat does a flexible future look like for your business? 

There is an increasing appetite for flexible working as businesses have to re-evaluate costs and overheads. Flexible working becomes more important as it gives you the option to turn on or off as appropriate for the business."

Wills Jennings, Sales Controller, Burton's Biscuits

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