Our top five Christmas ads of 2020!

It's the most wonderful time of the year... And while 2020 has been anything BUT normal, it's nice to have a sense of the usual with the welcome return of Christmas TV ads to our screens over the last few days.

Here's our faves so far....

Aldi, Kevin the Carrot

The return of Kevin the Carrot! This ad takes us along Kevin's journey to join his family in time for Christmas, with Santa himself saving the day!



Lidl, Big On A Christmas You Can Believe In

The animated ad, titled 'Big On A Christmas You Can Believe In', features a young girl and a robin focussing on Lidl's low prices, whilst also taking a poke at Aldi by showing a carrot being stabbed with a fork!



John Lewis, Give A Little Love

One we always look forward to every year! Inspired by the kindness we saw throughout the pandemic centres on 'sharing love' - something we all certainly need after 2020!



Amazon, The Show Must Go On

Despite the setbacks 2020 has brought to us, this ad brings a sense of positivity - as the ads description reads: "In a year of twists and turns, not much has gone to plan in 2020. But, with some grit, determination and perseverance anything is possible." 



Argos, An Evening with Abracadaisy & The Incredible Lucy

This ad is once again centred around the Argos catologue, as two sisters named Lucy and Daisy, are circling all the toys that they want Father Christmas to bring them. They have built on last years brilliant 'book of dreams' ad, by bringing two sisters' dreams to life, when they spot a box of magic tricks and are transported to their very own magic show.